John Read, Theft > animal theft, 10th December 1707.

Reference Number: t17071210-35
Offence: Theft > animal theft
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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John Read of London, was Indicted for Stealing a black Gelding value 7 pound , the Goods of John Smith on the 13th of June last. The Evidence depos'd that the Prosecutor rid to Hampsted Market, and set up his Horse at the half Moon Inn , that when he went to the Stable for him he was gone; and making search after him the next Day at Smithfield, he found him with his Bridle and Saddle upon the Prisoner, who offer'd him there to Sale. Wetherly, a Person concern'd in the Fact, depos'd that the Prisoner, and himself did actually Steal the Horse out of the half Moon Inn, and brought him to London, with a design to sell him. The prisoner could say little in his Defence, and being an old Horse Stealer, the Jury found him Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

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