Augustin Rice.
1st June 1704
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Augustin alias Sebastian Rice of the Parish of Stepney , was indicted upon two Indictments for Burglary, the first for breaking the House of Luke Sapsford on the 14th of April last, with an intent to steal his Goods , and the second for breaking the House of Thomas Abbot on the 13th of April , and taking thence 25 dozen of Handkerchiefs, a Hood and Scarf, a Guinea, and 20 s. and 6 d. in Money ; as to the first Indictment, the Prosecutor deposed, That his House was broke; and other Evidences were the Constable and a Watch-man, who deposed, that seeing a Light in the Prosecutor's Cellar, they went over the way, and finding the House broke, and People in it, cryed out Thieves, and on a sudden one of them cockt a Pistol, and held it at the Constable's Breast, who struggling with him, fired it off, and mist the Constable at first, but firing again, shot the Constable through the Hat, and the Watch man into the Shoulder, and by that means they got away, and left their Hats behind them in the Cellar. Another Evidence deposed, That he and the Prisoner, and some other Persons, broke open the House with a Betty, with an intent to steal the Goods. There was other Evidence deposed, That after they had been gone for an Hour they came again, and fired at the Watch-man, and would have killed him, by reason he had disappointed them of their Robbery: As to the second Indictment, the Prosecutor said that his House was broke open, and his Goods gone. But one that was in the Robbery gave Evidence, that he, the Prisoner, and another Person, broke open the House with a Betty and took the Goods. There was other Evidence against him, that he had been an old Offender, and broke out of the Gate-house through a Wall four Foot thick. He denyed both the Facts, saying, He knew nothing of it: but that did not avail him, for he could not call any to his Reputation, the Jury found him Guilty of both Indictments.

[Death. See summary.]

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