Thomas Hunter.
1st June 1704
Reference Numbert17040601-6
VerdictsGuilty; Guilty > lesser offence

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Thomas Hunter, alias Sir Robert , of the Parish of St. Pauls Shadwell , was indicted upon four Indictments, for Burglary, the first for breaking the House of Isaac Bird on the 2d of May last, about two in the Night, and taking thence a Ham of Bacon, 5 Bottles of Cyder, and two Papers of Tobacco ; the second for breaking the House of Henry Gibbs on the 28th of April last, and taking thence 8 Indian Curtains, 4 Vallens, a Squab, and divers other Goods ; the third for Breaking the House of Samuel Farmer , on the 28th of April last, and taking thence 5 Silver Spoons, a Huckaback Table-Cloath, and a Sword ; the fourth for breaking the House of Margaret Christian , on the 2d of May last, and taking thence a Cheshire Cheese, a Bottle of Brandy, and two pound of Sugar-Cakes . As to the first Indictment the Prosecutor said, That his House was broke and his Goods gone; but hearing that some Men were taken up by the Constable, went, where was the Prisoner with the Goods upon him, and said, that he knew it to be his, by reason it was marked. Another Evidence

was the Constable, who deposed, That going off the Watch in the Morning, he saw the Prisoner with some others coming along, much in Drink, he took him up and seized him. Another Evidence deposed, That he was with the Prisoner when he broke the House; and said, they broke in at the Cellar-Door with a Betty, and that the Prisoner took the Ham, saying, He was to be Married the next Day, and would have it for his Wedding Dinner. As to the second Indictment, it appeared that the Sash-Window who left open, and one of the Gang went in and handed the Goods to the rest, and the Prisoner and they carried them away. As to the third Indictment, the Prosecutor said, That they broke a Hole over the Door, and took away the Good out of his Kitchen. Another Evidence deposed, Th [Text unreadable in original.] was in the Robbery with the Prisoner, and that they broke open the House with a Betty, and took the Goods ried them to Armseed Clear. As to the the Prosecutor said, Her House was broke, and Cheese, Brandy, and Sugar Cakes; and one that was in the Robbery declared, that they took the Goods and being in Drink they made every one drink Brandy and Cyder as they met, till they were stopt by the Constable. He denied the Fact, saying, That he knew nothing of these matters, neither did he know any of the Evidence: which being utterly false, and he could not call any to his Reputation, the Jury found him Guilty of the three Indictments for Burglary, and found him Guilty of Felony only to the second Indictment .

[Death. See summary.]

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