Ferdinando Croutson.
20th July 1698
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Ferdinando Croutson of St. Mary White-Chappel , was Indicted for Counterfeiting the Current Coin of this Kingdom on the 18th of June . One of the Evidence deposed, that the Prisoner being his Lodger, he saw him make 5 Shillings; that the Prisoner gave him mony to buy Flasks, which he did; that he did also send him for some Sand, and some Tin-Glass from a Pewterers shop, but for what design he knew not; that at other times saw him make 24 false Shillings more, and afterwards gild a silver Guinea: That the Prisoner told him he designed in a day or two to go into the Country; that what mony he had made would serve to pass there. And Evidence deposed, he had seen him gild a Counterfeit Guinea, and cast a Counterfeit Shilling, and make several false Stamps for Counterfeiting the Stamps on Paper. The rest of the Evidence deposed, they had seized several pieces of Counterfeit Mony in a Chest, owned by the Prisoner, all which was produced in Court, as were many Tools for Coining at Chester, where he was committed, but made his escape. The Constable who seized him deposed, he found some false pieces of mony about him, which were produced in Court. The Prisoner called two Witnesses to take off the King's Evidence as to the day when they saw him coin, who declar'd he lodged at another

place at that time; but being confronted together, they varied in their testimonies; and being hereupon strictly examined, one of them being hard put to it, said he would declare the truth, viz. That he had a promise of 20 Guineas to declare the Prisoner lodged at Newington for some Weeks, which included the day the King's Evidence had sworn to, for which declaration he was taken into Custody: And the other of his Evidence, at whose House he said he lodged, being under an ill same, and withal the Prisoner an old Offender, the Jury brought him in guilty of High Treason.

[Death. See summary.]

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