John Adshed, John Holiday, Mary Pines.
20th July 1698
Reference Numbert16980720-30
VerdictsNot Guilty; Guilty > lesser offence

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John Adshed, alias Davenport , and John Holiday , were Indicted for breaking the House of Edward Rowen on the 15. of June , and taking several pieces of Stuff, and other Goods : and Mary Pines was Indicted as Accessary in receiving the Goods, knowing them to be stoln . It appeared, that the Prosecutor being from home; another Woman prevailed with his Maid to go abroad; and falling into a Musick-house, where was a pretended Fortune-teller, they hearkned to her Prophecy, and were told that the first man that should enter the room would be Husband to the Maid; and it happen'd, either by accident or contrivance, that Adshed was the first man that came in; who pretending much Love and Courtship to the Maid, would needs see her home; which being admitted, he staid late in the house; and next day coming again to renew his feigned Courtship, carry'd the Maid over the Water, and into the Folly on the Thames, and in the Evening returned home, where Holiday and others of the Gang met them, and that night staid till 11 a Clock, and then seemingly went away: In the mean time the Key of the Parlor was missing, and, as it was supposed, carry'd away. But it was more probable the new Lover staid behind for Lucre; for next morning the door was found open, and the goods taken away; upon which the Maid suspecting the Prisoners, took them up; after which, Holiday confest he had been invited to the Robbery, but would not consent, yet saw the goods that were stoln next day, and had a share in them: and Davenport confest the pieces were sold at 11 s. a piece, which the Prosecutor said was about half price. The Prisoners denied the fact: But the Evidence being very plain as to the Felony, tho' not as to the Burglary, and nothing appearing against Pines, she was acquitted , and the other two brought in guilty of Felony only .

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