Nathaniel Morgan, Thomas Morgan.
8th June 1698
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Nathaniel Morgan of the Parish of St. Giles's in the fields , and Thomas Morgan of the same Parish, were Indicted for counterfeiting the Current Coin of this Kingdom on the 26th of April , in the 10th year of his Majesty's Reign . They were a 2d time Indicted for knowingly hiding, concealing, and keeping a Press for Coining, 3 Flasks, and several other Utensils belonging to that bellish Trade, without any Authority from our Soveraign lord the King . One of the Evidence deposed, That he had known the Prisoners about 8 or 10 months, and had lent them Mony at several times to supply their occasions part of which he had received from the Prisoners in bad Mony, allowing upon that about 5 s. in the Pound: That about 5 months ago going up to Nathaniel Morgan the Prisoner's Garret, he found him making part of a screw to a Coining-mill as he supposed, and some time after saw the Prisoners making blanks: and at another time going into the Prisoners Cellar, saw them both at work at the Mill, one of them turning the Fly, and the other putting pieces into it, and taking them out again. He further deposed, That the Prisoner Nathaniel Morgan showed him a Guinea which he said he made himself, as he had done a great many more, besides Pistoles: That the Prisoners told him they could coin money so well that no Goldsmith should refuse it, and said they could transmute any sort of Metal. He also deposed, That at several times he had taken of the Prisoners about 100 l. in bad Money, which they said was very well done. The rest of the Evidence deposed, That upon searching Nathaniel Morgan's House they found in the Garret and upper Rooms several Instruments fit for the Trade, with some parts of the Mill in his Cellar, where there was a place cut out for it to stand in, the door of which was lock'd, but they had the Key from his Wife: That upon searching Thomas Morgan's House they found the rest of the hellish Utensils lookt up in a Trunk, all which were produced in Court. One of the Evidence also deposed, That he had taken a small parcel of bad Mony from

one who charged it upon Nathaniel Morgan, and deposed he had it from him. The Prisoners in their Defence said that part of the Press belong'd to an Apothecary, which he made use of as a block, but that some additional works were made to it since they saw it. They also said, that the rest of the Utensils were sent to their Houses by a person to remain there till he called for them. Nathaniel Morgan also said, that his Lodgers and the rest of his Family had constantly free access to the Cellar, so that he could not carry on that Trade without being discovered, not only by them but the adjoyning Neighbours: and Tho. Morgan said he was in the Country at the time when the committing of the Crime was charged against him. They call'd abundance of Witnesses, who said little to the point, only that they never to their Knowledge received any bad Money from them, and never knew but that they were very honest men. But the Evidence against them being so very plain, the Jury brought them in Guilty of High Treason.

[Death. See summary.]

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