Joan Browne, William Flora, John Chamberlain, Violent Theft > robbery, 1st September 1697.

Reference Number: t16970901-19
Offence: Violent Theft > robbery
Verdict: Guilty; Not Guilty
Punishment: Death
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Joan Browne, alias Jackson, alias Honyhoone , William Flora, alias Flower , and John Chamberlain , all of the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields , were indicted for Felony and Robbery on the 17th of July last, about 10 in the Night, and taking from Joseph Bendy an Italian, a Peruke, val. 12 s. It appeared that Flower and Chamberlain, with others unknown, came about 10 at Night to buy some Sweet Powder, and the Prosecutor sent his Maid out to get him Sixpenny worth of Farthings,

and being returned they shut the door, and fell upon the Prosecutor and his Maid, who crying out Murder, some of his next Neighbours came over the Wall to see what was the matter, and they took one of them in the Shop, and the other hard by, who being search'd they found in his Pocket a Pair of Pistols, and they left in the Shop a sort of Scimiter, a Betty, with Gaggs and Cords, and other things fitting for their purpose. Flower said that he would lye on the Mercy of the Bench; but Chamberlain denied it, saying that he was coming by at that time, and making a halt to see what was the matter, they offered to lay hold of him, and he thinking them to be Bayliffs, ran away; he said that he was not in the House, but only at the Door; but it was proved to the contrary that they were both Companions; the Jury found them guilty of Felony and Robbery; but there being no Evidence against the Woman, she was acquitted .

[Death. See summary.]

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