Elinor Hunt, Killing > infanticide, 7th July 1697.

Reference Number: t16970707-5
Offence: Killing > infanticide
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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Elinor Hunt was indicted for the Murther of her Female Infant Bastard on the 24th of June last, by throwing the same into a House of Office, by which means it was choaked . It appeared that the Prisoner was a Servant at Bosomes Inn; one of the Evidence said that she was afraid that she had left some of her Goods, and went up Stairs, where she saw some signs which made her to mistrust her; there was another Evidence that said that she did lie with her, and she complained that she was not well, and about Three a Clock in the Morning she went down to the Vault, and when she came up, she went to Bed; after some time that she was mistrusted, they searcht and in the House of Office they found the Child, then they sent for a Midwife, who examined her about it, and she confest the matter to her: The Prisoner said that the Child was Stilborn, and that she had Eight Weeks to go of her time, and had no design to murther it. The Jury having considered the matter, found her guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

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