John Golding, William Hearn, Mary Jackson, Richard Arrigrig, Theft > burglary, Violent Theft > highway robbery, Theft > burglary, 19th May 1697.

John Golding alias Jonas Pettit , William Hearn alias Old Iron , as Principals, and Mary Jackson, alias Raby, alias Brown , as Accessary after the Fact, were indicted for Felony and Burglary for breaking the House of Sir Thomas Powis on the 1st of March last, at the Parish of St. Giles's in the Fields , and taking thence 4 Silver Candlesticks, val. 16 l. The Evidence declared, that having an occasion to go out about some Business, he left the Plate in its usual plate, and his Fellow Servant having occasion to use a pair of Candlesticks, fetch'd a pair away, and returning with them some time after, she mist them that were left behind; then they applied themselves to the Keeper of the Gate-house, who accordingly took them in Hedge-Lane with a parcel of Pick-lock Keys, amongst which was one called a 500 l. Jack: There was another Evidence who declared that he was with Golding and Hearn in the Robbery, and

that Hearn got over the Wall and opened the Door, and he took a Picklock-key and opened the Door where the Goods were, and took them away, and the next Day they went to the George in the Pall-Mall, where Raby was sent for, who came with a pair of Weights and Skales, and gave them 6 l. 2 s. 6 d. for them, and that they told her they were stole, but did not tell her where; they could say but little, and were known to be Offenders, the Jury found them guilty .

John Golding and Richard Arrigrig , together with Richard-Lewley not yet taken, were indicted for robbing John Gibbons , Gent. on the Highway, on the 27th of April last, and taking from him a Silver-hilted Sword . The Prosecutor declared, That Golding had broke the Gate-house Prison, and they got a Woman to set him for them, and he going to the Goaler's Assistance met the Prisoners, and fearing that they would fly if they knew him, he counterfeited himself Drunk, and Arrigrig seeing his Sword, jostled up to him, and took the Sword whilst the other seemed to please him with a Song; some time after they went their ways, and he pursued them into a House, and getting Assistance they took them, and they had knocked off the Hill of the Sword, which he found upon them; the Jury found them both guilty .

John Golding and Richard Arrigzig were again indicted for Felony and Burglary, for breaking the House of Sir Theophilus Ogelthorpe , on the 31st of March last, and taking thence a pair of Silver Candlesticks, value 10 l. four Forks, a Salt, and a Silver handle knife . The Evidence declared, That when she went out, the Goods were there, and the Door lockt; but coming home found the Door open, and the Goods gone: There was another Evidence said, That they opened the Door with false Keys, and took the Plate and carried it to one Hardings in the Mint, who gave them 4 s. an Ounce for it. The Prisoners had but little to say for themselves; the Jury found them guilty .

[Arrigrig, Golding, Hearne: Death. See summary.]

[Jackson: Branding. See summary.]

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