James Izard, Robert Middleton, James Humphreys, John Cox, Charles Pepper, Francis Shettle, John Hopkins, William Bowles, Charles Attee, John Trantam, John Wallis, Charles Gerrard, Edward Lowder.
9th September 1696
Reference Numbert16960909-14
VerdictsNot Guilty
SentencesMiscellaneous > sureties

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James Izard , Robert Middleton , James Humphreys , John Cox , Charles Pepper , Francis Shettle , John Hopkins , William Bowles , Charles Attee , John Trantam , John Wallis , Charles Gerrard , and Edward Lowder , all of the Parish of St. Margarets Westminster , were indicted for the Murther of John Ely on the 7th of July last; for that they, with a Staff, value 2 d. did break and overturn a Wherry, whereby the said Ely was drowned : They were likewise Indicted a second time, for the Murther of Henry Burnifold as aforesaid . It appeared, that Burnifold having a Warrant to Impress Men for His Majesty's Service, and that both the Deceaseds and their Gang went on Board the White-Hart Barge belonging to Abingdon, about one in the night, and asked for the Master of the Barge: and then he asked them if

they were Priviledged, but they made no Answer; then he had two of them to go into his Boat, which they refused; when on a sudden came Men from behind the Barge, and cried, Knock them down, and beat them with Staves into the Boat, and made several holes in it, whereby it sunk and they were drowned, and a Fisherman's Boy took up the rest of the Men that were floating upon the Water. The Prisoners alledged, That when they came aboard, they did hold Pistols at them, and cut at them with Swords, and never gave them the word that they were Press master s, and did think that they did come with an intent to rob the Barge, they having a great charge of Money in it; So after all, the Jury found them not Guilty , but ordered to give Sureties for their Behaviour for a Twelvemonth .

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