Robert Maynard.
27th February 1696
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Robert Maynard of the Parish of St. Giles without Cripplegate , was indicted (together with Samuel Mercer and George Draper , not yet taken) for the Murther of George Stockton , on the 14th of December last, with a certain Neckcloth, val. 6 d. by tying the same about the throat of the deceased, whereby he was choaked and strangled : It appeared that they came to the deceased's house in Grubstreet , and called for some Drink; and after a while they had a Pound of Sawcidges for their Supper: Then they called for Hot-Pots of Ale and Brandy, and the deceased pulled out his Watch, and told them that it was late, it being almost Twelve a Clock, and he did not care to draw any more: Then they pressed him that they might have but one more, and they would be gone; and it being brought in, the Prisoner cried Come, which being a Watch-word, they all rose up and laid hands upon him, and tied the Neckcloth about his Throat, so that his Tongue came out of his Mouth, and bound him; then the Prisoner called to one of them to lend him his Pistol, which he did, and he struck the deceased three blows upon the forehead, and he fell down with his face upon the Hearth, and the Prisoner said that now he would lye quietly: Then they took and bound the deceased's Kinswoman in a Chair, and gagged her, and went up and rifled the house, and brought down four Silver Tankards, and some Gold, and other Goods which she could not name; that they did tarry in the house for some time, and went their ways, leaving a Hat and a Green Apron behind them. There was a Barber that swore positively that that was the Prisoner's Hat, for he had brushed it several times; and the Prisoner came the next evening to the Barber's Shop (but he did not mistrust him) and bought a Peruke, and cut off his hair for fear of being discovered. The Prisoner denied the Fact, but said that he cut off his hair to fight a man; he said that he had absconded from his Lodging for a great while, he hearing that there were Warrants out against him for Clipping. He could not prove where he was at the time the Murther was committed, so the Jury found him Guilty .

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