Thomas Pastmore, Rosamond Pastmore.
28th August 1695
Reference Numbert16950828-38
VerdictsGuilty; Not Guilty; Guilty
SentencesDeath; Death > respited for pregnancy

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Thomas Pastmore and Rosamond Pastmore, alias Goldsmith , both of the Parish of St. Andrews Holborn , were indicted for High-Treason for Forging and Counterfeiting Eighteen false Halfcrowns on the 27th of May last. It appeared by the Evidence, That they having information of the Prisoners, they sent for them to the Bear Tavern in Holborn, and the Constable came and found an Ingot of silver on the man buttoned up in his Coat Pocket. Then the Constable went to his Lodgings, in Eagle-street, near Red-Lyon-Fields and found a Stamp and a parcel of false Money. And it was further deposed, That they saw him cut the said pieces out of flatted Plate fitted for that purpose, and that he was allowed 12d. in the Pound for Coining of it, and that he would give Thirty false Halfcrowns for Twenty good ones. The man was found guilty , but his Wife acquitted .

They were likewise a second time indicted for Clipping the currant Coin of this Kingdom , on the 20th. day of May last. The Evidence said, That they did see him clip above Ten Pound at a time, and that his Wife did afterwards file it, and that they had clipt and filed several Hundred Pounds. The Evidence for the King was very positive. And the Prisoner said he took great pains for his livelihood, he being a Cane-Chairmaker , and called several as to their Reputation; but it did not avail them, they were both found guilty .

[Thomas: Death. See summary.]

[Rosamond: Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

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