John Moore, Royal Offences > coining offences, 3rd July 1695.

Reference Number: t16950703-29
Offence: Royal Offences > coining offences
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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John Moore , of the Parish of Heston , in the County of Middlesex, was indicted for High-Treason for that he falsely and traiterously the 19th. of June last, did forge and stamp one piece of false and counterfeit Gold in the likeness of a Guinea, and one other piece of false and counterfet Silver in the likeness of a Shilling . The Evidence deposed, That being informed that Mr. Moore used this way of Trade, searched his House, and took him up with a Warrant, and carried him before my Lord Chief Justice Holt, who took Bayl for him. Then the Constable desired him that he might search his House again; he accordingly consented, and in the Stable, in a hole covered with Hay, they found a Mill, and a mill'd Shilling of a false Coin; and four foot deep in the Earth, under the Manager, was found the Fly. The Constable askt him how he came by it? He said he had it at the Ditch-side. It was further proved, That he bespoke two pieces of Elm, and that he gave directions for cutting of Mortices in it, and there was a place cut in the Timber to set the Mill in, by a Draught which he shewed him. The Carpenter asked him what it was for; he replyed, What need you care, if you are paid for it? It was further alledged, That there was a Trench made under ground a hundred foot in length, with a Trap-door into the Stable, to make an escape into in case of Danger. The Prisoner alledged, That he had let the House to one Thomas White for thirty Pounds for one year, and he said he knew not how those things came there. He called abundance of Witnesses, as to his Reputation; but it did not avail him; he was found guilty of High-Treason.

[Death. See summary.]

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