Edmund Allen, Killing > murder, 3rd July 1695.

Reference Number: t16950703-19
Offence: Killing > murder
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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Edmund Allen of the Parish of St. Allhallows-Barkin, in the Ward of the Tower , was indicted for Murther and Wilful Poysoning of his Wife , Frances Artis , on the 29th of November , in the Fifth year of the King and late Queen . It appeared, That he had been a most cruel and barbarous Man to his Wife in evil treating her. It was deposed, That he had beaten her with a Horse-whip very sore, and had left sufficient Testimonies of his hatred against her; and that at another time he had beaten her very sore with at Bulls Pizzel, and that he had caused her to Miscarry, and like a base Wretch would suffer none of the Women to come near her; besides, it appeared he had been an ill Liver, and kept Company with one Dorothy Edwards , and had been convicted at the Assizes in Suffolk for having two Wives. On the said 29th of November, he seemingly shewed more respect to his Wife, than he did at other times, which caused her to admire at it; he gave her some Sweet meats, called Gelley of Rasberries, in which he had infused the White Mercury: The Woman mistrusting nothing of the matter, eat it, and Night coming on, she went to Bed, but was seized with a Lightness in her head, violent Vomiting and Looseness, and continued so till the 4th of December, and much complained that she could not rest. The Husband said he would get something that should make her rest, and gave her Opium in a drinking Potion, and on the day following she died. The Prisoner alledged, That it was not Opium, but that it was two Spoonfuls of Poppy-water, and ten Drops of the Spirit of Hartshorn; he could not prove it, but said that he had not done any wrong to his Wife. The Jury having considered the whole matter, he was found guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

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