John Child, Mary Child, Susannah Price, Royal Offences > coining offences, Royal Offences > coining offences, 6th September 1693.

John Child , Mary Child his Wife , and Susannah Price Wife of one John Price , they were all three indicted for Clipping the Currant Money of England : There was found in Child's House in Whitechappel an Ingot Mold, and in the Room where John Child lodged there was found Clippings and clipt Money upon the Bed; and in the Window and below Stairs was found several Crucibles and melting Pots, and Files, &c. and in the House of Office was found a large paper of Clippings &c. When the Searchers came first to the House, Child endeavoured to make his escape, but was soon seized. They were a second time Indicted for High-Treason, in making false and counterfeit Money , to prove which there were divers sorts of Stamps, as half Crown Stamps, and Shilling Stamps, besides a great quantity of counterfeit Money, which was produced in Court, and shewed to the Jury, and the Money agreed with the Stamp, &c. The Prisoner John Child said that he had always been a Labouring man, and understood nothing of, Clipping; and that another man brought the things into the House, but that was to no effect, for both himself and his Wife were found guilty of both Indictments; but there was no Evidence that affected Susannah Price, for that she only was barely found in the House as a Guest that came to visit Child and his Wife so she was acquitted .

[Death. See summary.]

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