Elizabeth Davis, Avis Hampstead, Theft > burglary, 13th July 1693.

Reference Number: t16930713-51
Offence: Theft > burglary
Verdict: Guilty; Guilty > lesser offence
Punishment: Death; Miscellaneous > branding
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Elizabeth Davis as Principal and Avis Hampstead as Accessary, were indicted, for that they, together with Elizabeth Bennet , alias Wells, and Margaret Thompson , not yet taken, did steal from Thomas Peters on the 27th of April a Camblet Dust-gound value 10s. a Riding-hood val 18s. five Petticoats val 5l. a Scarf val 30s. and divers other Goods of great value. The first Evidence was one Mrs. Peters, Sister to the said Thomas Peters, who said that the House was broke open in the night-time, and the Goods were taken away ; but they who were there were not satisfied with that, but thirsting after blood too, they murthered the said Thomas Peters, putting Tobacco-pipes and a Stone into his Mouth, and crammed Rags after them, and then they put him under a Feather-bed, and choakt him to death; the Rags were produced in Court all bloody, &c. There were others who said that they saw Davis in the House, and that when she was taken, she said she was a dead Woman, and her sweet Life must pay for it, and that she was heard to say, That she got the old Cull out to drink, and so did her business effectually; and another Witness heard her say, That she had left her Pattins in the Old Dog's Room over the Water, which was in Southwark, meaning Peters, as was presumed, and that she had done it on a Wednesday, and perhaps it might be her fortune to be hang'd on a Wednesday. Some of the Goods were brought by Davis to the House of Hamsted in Long-Acre; and there she said, That the Old Cull was very strong, and he cried out, and that she and one Jacob did it, and that they could have brought as much more if they could have carried it; and that they had left the Old Cull fast asleep upon a Feather-bed. It was sworn that Hamsted entertained Davis that night after the Robbery and Murther was done, which was very horrid in its nature and circumstances, although she was not indicted for it, that a Woman should be so cruel; The Prisoner Davis cried and lamented her Case, and denied al the matter of Fact, as did Hamstead; at the latter end of the Trial Henry Hamsted , Husband to Avis Hamstead, was brought into the Court by his Bail, and the Jury were charged with him, as being accessary to the said Elizabeth Davis; but none could accuse him, he being in the Countrey at the same time; so in the end, Davis was found guilty of Felony, and Mrs. Hamsted was found guilty of harbouring and entertaining of her after the Felony committed .

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