John Barber, John Pitford, William Jones, John Andrews, Theft > burglary, 13th July 1693.

Reference Number: t16930713-35
Offence: Theft > burglary
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death; No Punishment
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John Barber , John Pitford , William Jones and John Andrews , were all four tried for robbing one Mr. Nicholas Salter of Stoak in Buckinghamshire . On the 5th of July Instant the House was broke open, and the Goods taken away was 7 Gold Rings value 56s. a Scarf with a Gold Fringe value 18l. one Silver Tankard val. 5l. a Silver Salt val. 5l. two Gold watches value 15l. four Spoons val. 40s. two Silk Petticoats fringed value 7l. a Stript Silk Gown val. 7l a Tabby Mantua Gown val. 8l. two Flower'd Wastcoats val 6l. a Silk Petticoat val. 5l. and some other Goods; besides 39s. 6d. in Money . The Evidence was Mr. Salter, and others, who declared that his House was broke open by the Prisoners; and pursuing them the same morning within five hours after the Robbery was committed, they were all taken in Middlesex. Barber was taken in St. James's park, the other three in Piccadilly, with the Goods in their Custody, every one having somewhat in his custody that Mr. Salter owned to be his Goods, particularly the Fringed Scarf was found in Barber's Breeches, and some Pistols were found upon the rest, which Mr. Salter's Servants swore were taken out of the House, and the House was broke open; all which was very plainly and directly evidenced.

The Prisoners being asked what they could say in their defence; Barber said that he found the things he had upon the Road; but could not prove it, only alledged that he was at Wickham that night, but could not prove it. The other three denied the fact; saying that they had nothing to say, nor no Evidence to call on their sides; So the Court directed the Jury, and told them, that if a Burglary be committed in one County, and the Goods brought by them into another County, and found upon them, it shall be accounted Felony, in such Offenders. So they were all found guilty of Felony.

[Death. See summary.]

[Pitford: No punishment. See summary.]

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