Richard Whitworth, William Clement, William Nixon.
31st May 1693
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Richard Whitworth , William Clement , and William Nixon , were all three tried for breaking the House of Thomas Beacon the Elder of Stepney , on the 21th. of May last past, and taking away threescore and nine pieces of Coined Gold, one piece of Broad Gold, another piece value 11s. 9d. and 180l. in Moneys numbred ; the matter of Fact was thus; Whitworth was Servant to Mr.Beacon, he being a Brewer , and whilst Mr. Beacon was abroad, and only leaving his Son and Daughter, and some Servants in the House, the House was broke open, and Whitworth confest that they had been long a contriving the matter, and that he was not in the Robbery, but that the Fact was done by Clements and one Belcher, and another that is since fled, one English; and Mr. Beacon declared further upon Oath that there were several pieces found about Whitworth, and 29 Guineas were found upon the Beds-Tester in the Room where Whitworth Lodged by his direction, and 6s 6d. was found about Nixon in his Pocket, one of which Shillings had a particular remark by which Mr. Beacon knew it; and 10l. more was found upon Nixon's Bed-Tester, which Mr. Beacon owned to be his; it was sealed up with their own Seal, which Nixon said was given him by Belcher; as to Clement he was taken to Leaden-hall-street for another Fact; and being carried before the Lord mayor, there was 26l. found in his Custody, which Mr. Beacon owned to be his Money. The Prisoner Whitworth denied the Fact, and said he knew nothing of the Robbery, but the Money was given him, which he kept for his Master; Nixon denied all the matter of Fact too; Clement alledged that he was a Housekeeper at Reading, and that the Money in the Bag marked F.E. was lent him by a Man whom he did not know, upon the Lease of his House, it appeared farther that he had been Burnt in the hand before for a piece of Cloth he stole from one Aswater at Reading at the last Summer Assizes; and a Silver Seal was found about him at Reading, which he said he bought of a Gentlewoman whom he did not know neither, all which was lookt upon but as vain excuses: then the Jury was Charged, and having considered, they found them all three guilty of Felony and Burglary.

[Death. See summary.]

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