Mary Wilder, Katherine Davis, Elizabeth Lurcock, Margaret Lacey, Violent Theft > robbery, 16th January 1693.

Mary Wilder, alias Cole , Katherine Davis , and Elizabeth Lurcock , and Margaret Lacey , were all indicted, for that they, together with one William Blathwait not yet taken, did steal from George Bromly of St. Giles of the Fields , a Gown, value 8 s. a Petticoat, value 20 s. a Child's Morning Gown 10 s. a Point Cravat, two yards of Flanders Lace, and several other small Goods : Catherine Davis took a Lodging on the Saturday, and on the Tuesday following, Wilder and Lurcock came to her, and after having drank a while, they assaulted Martha, Wife of Mr. Bromly, tying her Legs and Hands together, putting her in fear, and then pinn'd her up in a Blanket, and laid her upon the Bed, Davis telling her (if she made a noise) she would cut her Throat; they were all found guilty except Magaret Lacey .

[Wilder, Davis: Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

[Lurcock: Branding. See summary.]

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