John Browne, Sarah Browne, Anne Fisher, Royal Offences > coining offences, 12th October 1692.

John Browne , Sarah Browne his Wife and Anne Fisher , on the 30th of September last, did Coin and Counterfeit 10 Mill'd Shillings of K. Charles II. and several of K. James II's Groats , and several Stamps and Shears for Clippings and other Necessaries fit for Coining were found in the House, it being searcht; The false Coin and the Metal was found in the Chamber where Browne was and in Sarah Brownes Hand was found two Counterfeit Half pence and two false Mill'd Groats, and 40 s. of Clipt Mony was found if a Drawer which Fisher owned to be hers; This was the sum of the Evidence against them: The Prisoners called some Neighbours who gave account that the Prisoners had always been hard Pains takers, and used to Stich Bodice for their Livelihood; they all denied the Fact, but the Proof was strong against the two first: So they were found Guilty , but Fisher was Acquitted .

[John: Death. See summary.]

[Sarah: Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

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