Elizabeth Hooper, Elizabeth Deale, Theft > burglary, 12th October 1692.

Reference Number: t16921012-36
Offence: Theft > burglary
Verdict: Guilty > lesser offence; Guilty
Punishment: Miscellaneous > branding; Death
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Elizabeth Hooper and Elizabeth Deale , were both Tryed for Breaking the House of one John Hardwicke , and carrying away a Stuff Pettycoat, value 6 s. a Silk Scarf, value 9 s. a Laced Coronet, value 4 s. three Coifs, an Apron, and divers other Goods, &c. The Evidence was Hardwick and others, who said, that he went abroad and left his Door Locked; and that Hooper confest to have unlock'd his Door, and took out the Goods; and that she came to Hardwick and told him that she had Paw1ned the Goods in Barbican for 10 s. 6 d. It farther appeared that the Prisoners both Lodged in the same House where Hardwick Lodged, and so took the Goods; which they Confest before Sir William Turner, and they both absconded themselves; but it did not appear that Hooper opened the Door; so she was found guilty of Felony only ; but Deale was found guilty of both Felony and Burglary.

[Hooper: Branding. See summary.]

[Deale: Death. See summary.]

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