Rich. Ellis, Mary Nicholas, Theft > burglary, 12th October 1692.

Reference Number: t16921012-24
Offence: Theft > burglary
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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Rich. Ellis , and Mary Nicholas, alias Murray , were both Indicted for Breaking the House of Abraham Walker in Bishopgate street , on the 13th of September last, the Shop was broke open about Two or Three a Clock in the Morning, and these Goods were taken away, viz. 120 A la mode Hoods, 20 Ells of White Sarsnet, value 3 l. Fourteen Yards of Lute-string, value 30 s. 18 Lac'd Tippets, value 7 l. 16 Black Hoods, value 7 l. 40 Yards of Cloth, value

10 l. 40 Yards of Holland, value 4 d. 200 Yards of gray Lace, value 5 l. 66 Womens Girdles, value 3 l. 120 Yards of Silver and Silk Ribboning, value 20 l. 20 Yards of Hair-Fringe, 48 Yards of Copper-Lace, value 20 s. 120 Yards of other Lace, value 25 l. 96 pair of Stockings, value 20 l. and other Goods of great value ; Some of the Goods were found in Ellis's Lodging, in Half-Moon-Court in Bishopgate-street, viz. a Box of Ribboning was hid betwixt the Ceiling and the Rafters on the Top of the House, and Nicholas used to Lodge with him there; and they were Confederates together in the Robbery, and Ellis had another Lodging near the Artillery-Ground, in which were found several other parcels of the Goods in the Indictment mentioned. Ellis said he knew nothing of it, and that he was a Painter and work'd for his Living, but he had no one to speak well of him, and Mrs. Walker said that he knew her House very well, and had Painted it not long since: Nicholas denied it. They were both found Guilty of Felony and Burglary.

[Death. See summary.]

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