Thomas Martyn, Susanna Martyn, John Basdell.
31st August 1692
Reference Numbert16920831-16
SentenceDeath; Death > respited for pregnancy

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Thomas Martyn , Susanna Martyn and John Basdell , were all three Tryed for Felony and High-Treason, for Clipping, Filing and Diminishing the Current Coin of this Kingdom, in the Parish of White-Chappel . The Witnesses Swore that upon search of the House there was found a pair of Sheers laid in the Garret, and some Filings; and a Bag of Clippings was found in the Tiles in the House of Martyn, and Susannah hid seven Guineas her Mouth; and a piece of Clipping, which being forc'd she let go. There were several other Files and Rubbing Leathers found about the House, besides they denied to open the Door when the Constable desired Entrance; and several other things fit for the Trade of Clipping were found in Basdell's House: it appeared upon the whole of the matter, that they were all equally concerned for that there was a Melting pot taken out of the Fire by Susanna full of melted Silver, and she was wont to sell the same to a Goldsmith found here towards Westminster; and so to put a better Colour upon the Roguery, she would get Guinea's changed for Broad-Money, adding withal that the reason why she did was because she had a Relation in the Country that intended to give legacies all in the Broad-Money. The Prisoners were found out in Goodmans Fields in one House, and in Coventry Fields in another, and the noise of Sheers was heard in the Night time; Thomas Martyn denied all the matter of Fact, so did John Basdell, urging that he was a Lame Man and was never able to Execute any such thing; the Woman denied all the Fact and strove to extenuate her Crime, urging that the House had been a Publick-house before she lived in it and for ought she knew, the Clipt Money might have been left there 100 Years ago, for she said several Persons had been Hang'd out of the House before; but this did not prove to her Advantage nor nothing that they could offer. So after a full and Tryal, they were all three found guilty of High-Treason.

[Death. See summary.]

[Susanna: Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

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