Edgerton Brett, Killing > murder, 9th September 1691.

Reference Number: t16910909-11
Offence: Killing > murder
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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Edgerton Brett , Gent. Was Tryed for killing one William Benbridge , on the 9th of August last, giving him a Mortal Wound, near to the Groyne, with a Rapid, value 5s. of the breadth of one Inch, and the depth of six Inches, of which he dyed . He was likewise Indicted upon the Statute of stabbing, for that the said Benbridge had no Weapon when the Prisoner first Assaulted him. The Evidence in the general deposed, That, Mr. Brett going along by Rose and Crown-Court, in Grays-Inn-Lane , where the Deceased was standing, about 10 of the Clock at Night, with another man to whom he gave a blow with his Gloves, upon which he said, that was unkind; after which, Mr. Brett drew his Sword, and [Text unreadable in original.] pursued him, but did not prove it; and that which aggravated the fact, was, That he fled away, and was taken lying upon the Ground in the Street, with a naked Sword lying by him bloody. The matter was very positively demonstrated; so he was found Guilty of wilful Murther.

[Death. See summary.]

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