Elizabeth Mac-Donel, Thomas Digs, Royal Offences > coining offences, 10th December 1690.

Reference Number: t16901210-26
Offence: Royal Offences > coining offences
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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Elizabeth Mac-Donel and Thomas Digs , of the Parish of S. Brides , were tryed upon an Indictment of High-Treason, for Cliping, Filing, and Diminishing the Current Coyn of this Kingdom , on the 8th of November . The Evidence against them was a Servant-Maid, who had lived with Digs; she deposed, That she had seen her Master frequently clip and rub Money, and that Macdonel had assisted him; and upon her making Discovery some Clipings were found in a Place where, she said, Digs used to lay his Tools, as also a Bag of new-clipt Money, in a heap of Malt. To this he pleaded Ignorance, saying, His Maid had wronged him of Money, and because he went about to prosecute her she had sworn against him, he called several to testifie his Reputation. However they were found Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

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