Thomas Cox, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 3rd September 1690.

Reference Number: t16900903-33
Offence: Violent Theft > highway robbery
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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Thomas Cox was tryed for robbing Tho. Boucher , on the Highway, on the 23d of July last . The Evidence swore, That Cox and another met him upon the Road, upon Hownslow-Heath , and took away a Brown Mare price 7 l. and a piece of Gold, and 21 s. in Mony. Boucher said, That he was sure that Cox was the Man that met him and ceased upon him, and that the Mare was found in one Pierce's Stable; who was the Person that was in Cox's Company. The Prisoner denied it, and said, That he was under an arrest that day that the Robbery was committed, and called some Evidence to prove it, but it was to no effect, for he was found Guilty of the Robbery.

[Death. See summary.]

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