G - W -, James Smith.
3rd September 1690
Reference Numbert16900903-3
VerdictsGuilty; Guilty

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G - W - and James Smith , both Highway men , were indicted for Robbing William Turvil the younger, of Fulham in the County of Middlesex, on the 25th of August last, in the King's High-way; taking away from him a Nag, coloured Bay, price 3 l. a Pannel 2 s. and a Bridle 12 d. The Evidence was young Turvill and others, who said, That three Men met him in the High-way, and took away the Horse from him: He Swore positively against Smith, but the other, he said, had a Mask on, so could not say that he was one: But another Evidence swore, That W - was one of the three, and that they had before robbed a Coach upon the Road, and that they fled for it, &c. The Prisoners said, That they were going into the Country to buy Horses for the King's Carriages, and used several insinuating Evasions and frivelous Circumstances, but could call no Evidence on their sides, nor prove nothing of what they alledged so they were both found Guilty of the Robbery.

G - W - was a second time singly indicted, for stealing a Ball'd Gelding from Mr. Tho. Gibborn , value 20 l. sadle, and a Bridle, and a Whip, and a Hanger, in the King's Highway , on the 20th of August . The Evidence was Mr. Gibborn and others, who said, That the Prisoner confest that he took his Gelding from him, near Tyburn all which he stifly denyed at the Tryal, but he had nothing to produce that might be any way advantageous to him, so he was found guilty of this Indictment also &c.

[Death. See summary.]

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