Thomas Kelsey, Miscellaneous > conspiracy, Killing > murder, 5th June 1690.

Reference Number: t16900605-1
Offences: Miscellaneous > conspiracy; Killing > murder
Verdicts: Guilty
Punishments: Death
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Thomas Kelsey , a Notorious Malefactor in Newgate, was Arraigned and Tryed upon two Indictments; One, for a Conspiracy held with several other Prisoners ; the Other, for the murther of one Henry Goodman , one of the Turn-Key s of Newgate, on the 21st of April last, giving him one mortal wound with a Knife value 2 d. upon the short Ribs of the depth of one Inch, by which he died on the first of May last . The Evidence was [Text unreadable in original.] ster of the Prison Major Richardson, besides his Servants, some of the Malefactors who were in the Fray, deposing, that Kelsey, and some other Thieves, particularly one Waters, and another executed lately, made a Mutiny in the Gaol, and agreed to hang out a Bloody Flag of Defiance against Major Richardson and his Servants. Upon which Goodman interposing to keep the Peace, Kelsey gave him the aforesaid wound with a Knife, which was produced in Court as a further Evidence against him. Although the Prisoner called some Evidence out of Newgate, endeavouring to extenuate the Crime, yet the proof being very positive against him, he was found guilty of wilful Murder.

[Death. See summary.]

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