John Williams, William Column, Jacob Jakeman, Thomas Cox, James Chambers, Jones Ratcliffe, Daniel White, Charles Wells, Thomas Dod, Theft > burglary, 30th April 1690.

Reference Number: t16900430-8
Offence: Theft > burglary
Verdict: Guilty; Not Guilty
Punishment: Death
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John Williams , William Column , Jacob Jakeman , Thomas Cox , James Chambers . Jones Ratcliffe , Daniel White , Charles Wells , and Thomas Dod , of St. Mary le Bone , were Indicted, for that they Nine together, with Richard Bourn , Nathaniel White , Thomas Barnes , Thomas Bragget , Peter Relph , Edward Roberts , Richard Cane , and James Kyrbey , not yet taken, did break the House of one Thomas Baker of St. Mary le Bone aforesaid, on the 28th of February last, taking away one Silver Tankard value 12 l. two Candlesticks 15 l. a Silver Salver 12 l. a Cup 9 l. a Silver Pot 10 l. another Cup 7 l. another Salt 9 l. a Silver Poringer 3 l. a Bowl 5 l. a Ladle 50 s. a Silver Bowl gilt 3 l. another Silver Plate 3 l. two Tumblers 5 l. 7 Spoons 7 l. a Watch 6 l. a Hat, 3 yards of gold Twist, 4 Holland Shifts, 13 Muslin Neckcloths, 3 Silk Scarfs, two Pistols, a Silk Night-Royle, 16 pieces of Gold, value 20 l. 2 other pieces of Gold, and 5 Guinea's: Also 5 pieces of Spanish Pistols, value 7 l. 17 s. 6 d. with several other Goods of very considerable value from Thomas Baker abovesaid .

Two lac'd Bands value 8 s. a leather Purse 1 d. a Ring 10 s. an Handkerchief 5 s. an Apron 30 s. and 33 s. in money: 2 Thimbles 18 d. 4 lac'd Pinners 40 s. 3 Holland Handkerchiefs, and divers other Goods, from one Mary Garret , and one Mary Preston , &c.

The Evidence in the general deposed, that about 15 or 16 of them came to Baker's House about 8 of the clock at night, and first went into the Stable, and bound the Hynds as they were racking up their Horses. Afterwards about a dozen of them went into the Kitchin, forcing their way against all the Bolts and Locks, making the very Iron Bolts and Wooden Doors to yield to their wicked and bloody Designs. Then they went up to Baker's Chamber, and bound him and his Wife in their Beds, gagging not only them, but the whole Family. After which they began their Pranks, Rifling the House, and taking away all the Goods abovementioned. Some time after Williams and Column were taken with several of the Goods, charged in the Indictment, about them; and the rest were persued, by the Hue and Cry of the Countrey People, at Anny-seed cleer in Jakeman's House. The Evidence swore that Williams, Column, and Chambers were there, and likewise Ratcliffe, but nothing was found about him, yet they were all Four found guilty of Felony and Burglary. There was no Evidence produced for the King that could positively charge the other Five, so they were all Acquitted : But not without great Notice taken of them by the Court, for their so base and villainous Attempt against so many innocent persons. There was one Rothery, now a Prisoner in Newgate, who witnessed against them that he knew of all the Plot in Intrigue made by them to Rob Mr. Baker's House, for that he was one of their Gang, being there when the Fact was done, but had since repented, and was resolved to declare all, in hopes thereby to attain Favour, &c. He said that they parted Snacks at Jakeman's House at Anny-seed Cleer, but Thomas Cox was not at the committing of the Robbery, yet made his Bargain to have a share, or to come in for a Snack, if the rest compassed their devilish Intentions. Upon the proof of this (notwithstanding his being before Acquitted, as beforementioned) the Court ordered a new Indictment of Felony to be drawn up against him, upon which Indictment he was afterwards Tryed as you may see hereafter.

[Death. See summary.]

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