William Ball, Robert Harper, Robert Harper, Violent Theft > robbery, Theft > burglary, 3rd July 1689.

Reference Number: t16890703-48
Offences: Violent Theft > robbery; Theft > burglary
Verdicts: Not Guilty; Guilty; Guilty
Punishments: Death
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William Ball and Robert Harper were indicted for a robbery committed upon Elizabeth Ratten widow , stealing from her two pewter dishes value 10 s. a bason 3 s. and divers other goods . But no evidence affecting Ball, he was acquitted , but Harper found guilty .

Robert Harper a second time indicted for felony and burglary, in breaking the house of William Gutteridg Gent . and bearing away 30 cloth coats, value 90 l. 30 pair of breeches, 20 l. Some of the goods were found upon him, offering them to sale, and that he had confess'd it before my Lord Mayor . The prisoner said, he had them from Branford. The prisoner denied it, but it was fully and clearly proved upon him. So he was found guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

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