Henry Jones, Stephen Stafford, Thomas Stiles, Robert Scot.
3rd July 1689
Reference Numbert16890703-34
VerdictsGuilty > lesser offence; Guilty; Not Guilty; Guilty; Not Guilty; Guilty; Not Guilty; Guilty; Not Guilty
SentencesMiscellaneous > fine; Miscellaneous > sureties; Death

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Henry Jones , Stephen Stafford , Thomas Stiles , and Robert Scot , were all four indicted for robbing a coach in the Highway : It ap-

peared that they stop'd the coach upon the highway a little beyond Acton , but did not rob any person, so could not be a felony, but it was proved to be a trespass, of which they were all found guilty .

A second indictment against them was read, for robbing Richard Sterten of a sword and 48 s. in money . Mr. Sterton said that they met him in the road, and made him stand (viz. Scot did) but he did not swear positively against the other three. It was farther evidenced, that one of them made him hold his horse whilst he dived into his pocket: the evidence was plain against Scot and Stiles, but not so clear upon the other two: So Scot and Stiles were found guilty but Jones and Stafford were freed .

A third time indicted for robbing Thomas Allen on the King's highway, on the 28th of May , taking a watch and 21 s. in money with some plate buttons that they took off his coat, &c . The evidence could not swear positively that they were the men that robbed him, only he swore he knew Jones. So he was found guilty , but the other 3 were acquitted .

They were a fourth time indicted for robbing one John Hollister on the 29th of May last, of a watch value 8 l. and a gelding 6 l . The evidence said, that he could not be positive to none but Stiles and Jones, and Scot,: So they were found guilty , and Stafford was acquitted .

A fifth time they stood indicted for robbing Thomas Calcot on the same day, of some Dutch money and Duccatoons, with some silver , some of which was found in Stafford's pocket, and the evidence swore flatly against Scot, that he stop'd him upon the road, and took away the money, some of which was found in his breeches. So they were all found to be most notorious rogues and eminent highway-men. And in the conclusion, Scot being look'd upon to be the ring leader, he was found guilty of this indictment, the other three (viz.) Jones, Stafford, and Stiles were discharged .

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[Death. See summary.]

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