MARY AUBRY, Dennis Fanet, John Fanet, John Desermo.
22nd February 1688
Reference Numbert16880222-24
VerdictsGuilty > pleaded guilty; Not Guilty
SentencesMiscellaneous > sureties; Death > burning

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The Proceedings against Mary Aubry , for Murthering her Husband, and Dennis Fanet , John Fauet , John Desermo , as Accessaries.

MARY AUBRY , a French Woman, had her Indictment read to her, and an Interpreter for that purpose, For that she the said Mary Aubry, Wife of Dennis Aubry , not having the Fear of God before her eyes, but being moved and seduced by the Instigation of the Devil, the 27th. of January , in the third Year of our Soveraign Lord the King, at the Parish of St. Martins in the Fields , in the County of Middlesex, did make an Assault upon Dennis Aubry her Husband, Feloniously, Wilfully, and Traiterously; and that the said Mary Aubry, with a piece of Pack-thread which the said Mary Aubry then and there had, about the Neck of the said Dennis Aubry, feloniously, wilfully, traiterously, and of Malice aforethought, did put, and then the said Mary Aubry; with the Pack-thread aforesaid, the said Dennis thy Husband, feloniously, wilfully, and with malice aforethought, then and there did it choak and strangle; of which said choaking and strangling of the said Dennis, the said Dennis then and there instantly died. So that thou the said Mary Aubry , the same Dennis thy Husband, in manner and form aforesaid, feloniously, wilfully; traiterously, and of malice aforethought, didst kill and murther, against the Peace of our Soveraign Lord, his Crown and Dignity .

And being asked by her Interpreter, If she was guilty of this Felony, Murther, and Petty-Treason, or not; she pleaded, Guilty.

After which, the Court ordered the Interpreter to tell her, That the having confessed she was guilty, she must suffer for it; but that the Court was so favourable, that if the were minded to put her self upon the Country, and take her Tryal, she might have it; but still the pleaded Guilty , and her Confession was recorded.

Dennis Fanet , John Fanet , and John Desermo , all of St. Martins in the Fields , were Indicted as Accessaries, for concealing the laid Murther, and harbouring, and relieving the said Mary Aubry ; and being asked whether they desired a Jury of half Aliens, they answered in the Affirmative; upon which, a Jury was Impanel. Their Names,

Joseph Phillips

Peter Mariscoe

Peter Templeman

Henry Corboyer

John Page

James Deprie

Abraham Hill

Gerrard Bocquet

Richard King

Claudius Aquee

Matthew Nichols

Henry Alexander .

The Council for the King pleaded learnedly in the matter, laying open the whole matter of Fact, That Mary Aubrey had confessed, that after several resolutions to perpetate the death of her Husband, he accordingly on the 27th. of January last, coming home very much in Drink, at five a Clock in the [Text unreadable in original.] went to Bed, and being fast Asleep,

through Excess of Drink, she took his Garter, and tied a Noose, and put it about his Neck and strangled him; that in the Morning she rises very much in Confusion, and so remained till the Monday following, there being great inquiry after her Husband, and then she went to her Son, who was then Servant to Mr. Dubois, desiring his Master to give him leave to come home, and when she came home, carried him and shewed him his dead Father-in-law; and that the Body being too big to be carried off, she cut off the Legs and Arms, and threw them into the Savoy House-of-Office, as also the Thighs, and carried the Trunk of the Body, laying it in a common place in Parker's-Lane, wrapping the Head also in a Cloth, and flinging it in a House of Office. Upon the Inquisition made of the Murther, her Husband being missing, she confessed the Fact, and that it was the Body of her Husband, which was known by a Mark as was said he had upon his Hand which was found in the House-of-Office.

After which, the Witnesses being called and sworn, the Sum of their Evidence was, That after the Murther of the Deceased, they talking with one of the Prisoners about it, and the Deceased's Wife, he should say, That we have sent him, meaning the Deceased, to the Indies to fetch Diamonds: but all that was given in Evidence, being not full as to the Fact, the Court did not look upon it to be sufficient proof that the Prisoners at the Bar were either aiding, assisting, or abetting in the said Murther, the Evidence grounding their Discourse chiefly upon what the Wife of the Deceafed had said to them, they were brought in, Not Guilty . But two of the Prisoners were to find Sureties for their Good Behaviour , and John Desermo, the Son, acquitted.

[Aubry: Death. See summary.]

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