John Grevil, Margaret Smith, Theft > burglary, Theft > receiving, 7th December 1687.

Reference Number: t16871207-42
Offences: Theft > burglary; Theft > receiving
Verdicts: Guilty
Punishments: Death; Death > respited for pregnancy
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John Grevil of St. Andrew Holbourn , and Margaret Smith of the same Parish, were Indicted for breaking the House of Sir Edmund Anderson , on the 27th, of July last, between the hours of Twelve and One, and taking thence one point Cornet, value 10 l. one point Crevat, value 11 l. one point Pinner, value 10 l. one pair of point Ruffles, value 50 s. one green Velvet Mantle, value 10 l. one Cloth Bed lined with Sarsnet, one pair of cloath Vallens with Silk Fringe, value l. 23 Silver and Silk Cushions, value 5 l. and there were many Witnesses to prove the Fact upon Grevil, he being principal, and the Evidence against Smith, was, for receiving, harbouring and conveying away the Goods . They were both found Guilty .

[Grevil: Death. See summary.]

[Smith: Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

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