Robert Parret, Robert Brewer, John Sawyer, John Noble, Theft > burglary, 6th April 1687.

Reference Number: t16870406-48
Offence: Theft > burglary
Verdict: Guilty; Not Guilty
Punishment: Death
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Robert Parret , Robert Brewer , John Sawyer , and John Noble , were Tryed for breaking the House of Gilbert Edwards , of the Parish of St. Mary Islington , on the 22d. of March , about a 11 of the Clock in the Evening of the same day, and taking thence one silver Tankerd valu'd 9 l. one silver Boul valu'd 4 l. one Caudle Cup, one other silver Cup, Six silver Spoons, a silver Chain, a Curral, Three silver Bodkins, one silver Thimble, Six Gold Rings, and a Camblet Coat valu'd 12 l. together with 605l. 10 s. in Mony , upon Tryal is appeared that on the 22d. of March, about the hour aforesaid Edwards waken'd out of his Sleep by the noise he heard; soon found that there were Theives breaking into his House, and had entred below by breaking two Bars out of the Window where his man lay, whom they bound, whereupon after they had in vain attemped to enter his Chamber at the Trap-door, they attempted the stairs which he guarded with a Pitch-Fork, so that being debar'd of entrance that way, they broak in upon him through a Mudd or Lome Wall near to a Chimny, with Swords and Pistols, by which means being over power'd, he and his Wife were forced to fall on their Knees and beg for their Lives, whereupon they cuting a Cord which they had brought with them in two, bound them, and Ransaked the House, only four entering, whilst the rest supposed in all to be Eleaven surrounded it, and into whose hands the mony fell, which Edward's Wife threw out at the Window, in hopes to secure it, as to Brewer, Edward's Servant swore positively that he was the second man that Entered the House, which he discovered by a Candle, that one of them lighted, and Edwards upon his Oath gave Evidence that Parret was the party that bound him, nor was his Wife less positive as to Sawyer, whom she swore to hold a Pistol at her, as she put her Head out at the Casement: swearing that unless she drew it in and shut the Casement he would Pistol her, nor were the Sword and Hanger afterward taken disagreable to those they had at the time of the Robery committed, so that they not being able to give any good account of themselves, or where they were that Night, Parret, Brewer, and Sawyer were found Guilty of the Burglary and Felony, but there being no other Evidence against Noble, than what himself had confessed of Sawyers lending him mony he was acquitted .

[Death. See summary.]

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