William Davis, John Holland, Agnes Wearing.
9th December 1685
Reference Numbert16851209-48
VerdictsGuilty; Guilty

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An Indictment being preferred against William Davis , John Holland , Edward Hays , and William Price , for Conspiracy, violence and falsly imprisoning William Chanay Mercer in St. Laurence Lane London , and only the two former being found in the Goal of Newgate, viz. Davis and Holland, they were Arraigned and Tryed; upon whose Tryal it appeared, that on the 29th of November , Hays and Holland sent for him to the Kings-Arms Tavern in the Lane before mentioned, where Hays in a seeming consternation, informed him that he had repeated some Treasonable Words that he had heard him speak, and being accused for them was forced to discover his Author, which was himself; whereupon Holland entering the Room, Arrested and Hurried him away to the Crown without Temple-Bar, from thence to the Fountain in the Savoy, where Hays pressed him seeing the matter might be still hush'd up, to pacifie Holland, (who pretended himself a Captain of the King's Guard) with mony, but he refusing, they hurried him away to White-Hall, pretendingly to the Secretary of State, and after many intreaties of Hays and threats of Holland, brought him back to the Fountain, where meeting with Davis and Price, who pretended himself a Barrister, they called up a Scrivener about Midnight, and extorted a Bond and judgment from him, the Penalty 400 l. to pay 100 l. Which were likewise signed by Hays; but the Cheat being discovered upon Hollands sending for 20 l. and some Silks, the Prisoners were Apprehended, and upon this proof (though more at large) found Guilty .

William Davis , and John Holland , were a second time Indicted together with Agnes Wearing , for a Burglary and Robery Committed in the House of Leonel Gatford in Lime street . London, on the 11th. of September , stealing Rings, plate, and Money, to the value of 300 l. which upon Tryal, appeared that two person about Seven in the Afternoon, coming to Mr. Gatfords House, who being let in by Wearing, who was a Servant in the House and pretending a Letter to Mrs Gatford, and she scrupling to admit them, one of them who appeared to be Davis, run up stairs and seizing her with violence, ty'd her Coat over her head and then calling his Companion by the name of Jack: they riffled the House, and having seized the Maid and Mistress carried them into the Celler, and there bound them, and so departed with many threats if they stir'd; but soon after, the goods being published in the Gazette: The Thieves were discover'd by the means of a Diamond Ring, which Davis had given to one Mrs. Walton, and a Wedding Ring he had on his Finger with the posie mentioned in the Gazette, by one Margeret Harris, a Servant to Mrs. Walton, as also by one Mr Hamlin, whom Agnes Wearing taking in the dark for Davis unawares, asked him if the plate was secure, if they had shared the plate and Money, and if Holland was safe, demanding how he durst appear desired him to be gone, least he ruin both himself and her, so that by this and many other material matters; it appearing that Davis and Holland were the two men that committed the Robery, and Agnes Wearing their Confederate; they were all three found Guilty

[Death. See summary.]

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