George Caskey, Francis Pevanson, Daniel Ballantine.
3rd September 1684
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George Caskey , a Scotch-man, Indicted for the Murder of Robert Teagle , a Watch-man , at Rosemary-lane , on the 28th. of August last . Upon his Tryal it appeared thus; viz. This Geo. Caskey, together with Francis Pevanson, alias Peverson , a French-man, and Daniel Ballantine an Italian having been drinking at a Musick House in Rosemary-lane, as they were coming away they would have had another Bottle of Wine; which the Master of the House refused: at which they were highly offended, broke the Windows of the House, and abused the Woman: so that the Master going out to the Watch-house, which was just against his Door, told the Watch of the Disturbance made by these Gentlemen. Whereupon, Teagle the Watch-man, who was kill'd, ran out; and meeting one of the said Parties, bid him come over to the Constable; which he at first refusing, whether the said Teagle struck him or laid Hands on him was not in Proof, but thereupon he drew his Sword, and run him into the Breast, of which Wound he died. Several Witnesses were produced who proved positively, that one of the three kill'd the Watch-man, and that they were all of a Company, and had their Swords severally drawn. This Gentleman, for his Defence, brought several Persons of Quality who testified as to his Honesty and Reputation. That he was very rarely drunk, and never given to Quarrel: besides, several of the Neighbours spoke disgracefully of the House, saying, It was no better than a Bawdy-House, and that several People had come to Damage by resorting thither; and that this Gentleman, with Ballantine the Italian, went out of the House before the French-man, and knew not what Mischief had befell the Watch-man; but endeavouring to make of and escape the Round-house, they were followed and knock'd down: The Party that did the Murder made his way towards Well-Close: but upon the whole Evidence, there being no Accessary in Murder, he was legally Convicted, and brought in Guilty thereof.

In like manner, Pevanson and Ballantine were Indicted for the same Murder, tryed by a Party Jury, half English and half Foreigners; and both also found guilty of Murder.

[Death. See summary.]

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