Lionel Anderson, James Corker, William Marshal, William Russel, Henry Starky, Charles Parry, Alexander Lunsden.
17th January 1680
Reference Numbert16800117-1
VerdictGuilty; Special Verdict
SentenceDeath > drawn and quartered

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THE Trial and Condemnation Of the six-notorious Traitors.

THe Kings Witnesses attending on the Court there were eight Romish Priests and Jesuites brought to the Barr, to receive their, Trials upon the account of High-Treason, viz. Joseph Kemish , William Russel , alias, Napper, Henry Starkie , William Marshal , James Corker , Lionel Anderson , alias, Munson, Charles Parry , and Alexander Lunsden ; but the evidence not being prepared for the Trial of the former, viz. Kemish, he was reserved till another time; but against the other seven they proceeded as followeth, according to their Indictments, that they being Priests and English-born, after having received orders from the See of Rome, came over and remained in England, the which by a Statute of the 27th of Queen Elizabeth is made high Treason , Mr. Attorny-General and the Kings Council laid open the Cause to the Jury and Evidence, and the Jury being charg'd with them, according to Law, Lionel Anderson was first brought to the Barr, where Dr. Oats, Mr. Bedlo, Mr. Dangerfield, Mr. Prance, and Mr. Dugdale were sworn for the King, Mr. Dangerfield first standing up, did give a fair and large account, that the Prisoner was a Priest in orders.

And that he had not only confessed him, but had given him the Sacrament, and in his Priestly Vestments celebrated Mass; not only at Wild-house, but also at several other places, and that after he had confessed the Witness, he bid him go and be drunk with such a Gentleman, for it was for the good and propagation of the Romish Cause, that he was a Priest likewise Dr. Oates did affirm, and that he had at several times repeated Mass and given the Sacrament to his knowledge, with many other plain and possitive circumstances, to this he Pleaded not guilty, with many horrible Execrations.

Afterwards James Corker was brought to the Bar, his Plea was that he had been once tryed with Sr. George Wakeman , and that he ought not twice to be put in danger of his Life: but the Court satisfied him in this point, whereas he before was tryed as a Conspirator, that he now was tryed as a Popish-priest, and then he pleaded not guilty, at which Mr. Attorny General laying open the Indictment, the Evidence were sworn, viz. Dr. Oates and Mr. Prance who likewise did against him as against the former, affirm that they had seen him Cellebrate Mass, give the Sacrament, and in his priestly Robes at Somerset House, and other places, and was to have been a Bishop: but he absolutely denied that ever he had acquaintance with the Witnesses, or scarcely seen them before his last Arraignment, and in a Jesuitical obstenancy, made many vows and execrations endeavouring to scandalize the Evidence.

The next was William Marshal who was likewise tryed before with Corker, and did plead the same, and made a long oration in his own defence, courting the Acts of Parliaments and Statutes made and to be put in force on that account, and did, to speak the truth, seem to be a learned and most proficient man, his place of executing of his Priestly Function, was for the most part in the Savoy, where Doctor Oates affirmed that he had heard him more then twelve times say Mass in 1677. this he denied, and brought the woman that keept the house to testify that Dr. Oates was never there, but she bogling in her Testimony did confound her Evidence, saying that he might be there, but that she knew not she had seen him there, Mr. Prance and Mr. Bedlo did affirm him likewise to have taken orders, and that they had known him to have been a Plotter, and a most notorious Priest,

As likewise upon the same Indictments and Statute of the 27th of Queen Elizabeth which makes it High-Treason for any English born Subjects to go and take Orders at Rome, and after come over into England, whereupon William Russel alias Napper Henry Starky , Charles Parry , and Alexander Lunsden were brought to the Barr, who pleaded not Guilty, but the aforementioned Evidence for the King, did so plainly make it appear, that they were not only Priests, but had at several times administred according to their Priestly Function, the Sacraments, and also confessed and absolved some of them, and that Mr. Prance had received Chalices, Oyl-pots, and several other Trinkets belonging to the Alter, of them to mend, scour, and refine; upon this plain Evidence, six of them were by the Jury brought in Guilty of High-Treason, and sentenced by the Court to be drawn, hang'd and Quarter'd , viz. Russel, alias, Napper, Starky, Marshal, Corker, Anderson, and Parry, but Lunsden being a Scotchman-born, was not thought to come within the Verge of the said Act of Parliament, and therefore reserved for a special Verdict in that Case.

Thus may we see, tho haughty Rome does bend her Frowns at this our English Nation, Nay and prompt our Native Subjects to conspire our Downfall and immediate Ruine. Heaven stands most firmly on ourside, and that pernicious Share that they had laid to catch the Innocent, themselves have fallen in; for sure it is; Eternal Vengeance will not sleep for ever, when such dire Contrivances hatched in the dark Shades of Night ascend and pierce the Blushing Clouds, therefore let both Tirant Rome, and her thrice fatal Emissaries now beware, least they incur the high displeasure of a dreadful God, and pull down most deserved Ruine on their Heads, whilst that they think to dare Omnipotence, by their endeavouring to destroy such as are protected by his Providence:

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