15th October 1679
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The next seemed to be an object of Compassion to most People present, a poor young Wench lodging about Thames street, betrayed (as she alleadged by a promise of Marriage and getting her with Child, which being perceived by the Woman that she lodged with, to whom she confessed the truth thereof, just when she came to fall in Labour about 9 or 10 a Clock in the Night, this etous woman, fearing some charge or trouble might happen to her, who had entertain'd her, cruelly turned her out of doors, and set her in another Parish, and there left her in pains, telling her that now the said Parish were bound to provide for her. In this sad condition in the street, and without any help was this poor Creature delivered, and being found lying as one half dead by the watch, and her condition perceived; a midwife was called, who found the Child dead, but not separated from her Body , when she came to her; who asking her if it were still-born, the Prisoner both then and now said, it was not, for she heard it, cry, but denied that she intended or used any wilful means to make away the Life of it nor did there any signs of Violence appear save only some little spots or marks of a Bruse or Pinch on the Throat, which some conceive might be occasion'd Involuntarily in struggling to Promote its Birth; by an ignorant Woman in her circumstances: however being a Bastard Child, and the law makeing it death in that case for any woman to be delivered alone without calling help, she was thereupon found Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

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