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26th February 1679
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But the most considerable Transactions of this day, were the Tryals of two most notorious Coiners and Clippers of Money; who upon full and plain Evidence, and their own Confession at Bar, were found guilty of two Indictments of High-Treason apiece; and indeed, 'tis believed, they have not equals in that wicked Mistery in England. They stampt Groats, Nine-pences, Six-pences, Shillings, Half-Crowns, and Five-shilling pieces; no sort came amiss to them; and they had an Art to make a Nine-pence or Groat just new made, look as if it had been Coined these hundred years. Two Witnesses swore directly against each of them, that they had severally seen them at work, both Coining and Clipping , and produced great variety of the individual pieces, which they had seen pass through their skill and handling. Their Instruments likewise, mixt Mettals, and other Utensils taken in their respective Lodgings were publickly shown. They were both of a Gang, and confessed they had for some years been concerned in such practises. The Witnesses had been acquainted with them, and designing a discovery, seemed to comply with them, and furnish them with large Money, which first they would Clip, and with those Clippings and baser Mettals, Coin new Money, and then Clip that too to make it pass with less suspition. Four Five-shilling pieces they will afford for twenty shillings good Money,

and twenty shillings in Groats of their own Manufacture, for fifteen shillings Sterling; and one of them offered to teach one of the Witnesses such his Trade for six pound, and to make and sell rare stamps for Coining, at Ten pound a pair. The matter was so evident, that they had nothing to say for themselves, and so could not but be both found guilty by the Jury, of the several Crimes of Treason, wherewith they stood charged, and were accordingly condemn'd to be Drawn and Hang'd .

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