Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary, 9th January 1782.

The Sessions being ended, the Court proceeded to pass sentence of death upon the following convicts.

Nathaniel Groome , James Riley , James Beach, Joseph Hall, Francis Burke , Mary Taunton , John Coleman , Francis Curtis , John Tate , John Lucas , Edmond Harris .

The sentences of the following prisoners were not inserted in Numb. II. Part I. as that number was printed before the sessions ended, and published the day after.

Benjamin Wood , permitted to enter into the East India Company's service.

Abraham Cohen , publicly whipped and confined to hard labour for six months in the house of correction.

William Deadross , publicly whipped and confined to hard labour in the house of correction, for twelve months.

George Peach , and Thomas Osborne , to raise sand and gravel on the river Thames, one year.

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