Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary, 10th January 1781.

The TRIALS being ended, the Court proceeded to give Judgement as followeth:

Received sentence of Death, thirteen.

Charles Sheppard , James Smith , Abraham Dry , John Larby , William Dobey , John Henley , Ann Smith , alias Fidler, Elizabeth Thompson alias Clackson, Joseph Maple , Thomas Maple , Ann Gilson , Mary Jones , Ann Martin alias Harris alias Lansdale alias Jones.

Navigation one year.

Simon Solomons , Thomas Hylett , Samuel Barber .

Navigation two years.

William Mathews , Hugh Hughes .

Navigation three years.

Arthur Lyon , Samuel Lane .

Fined one shilling and imprisoned one year, one.

Sarah Withers .

Imprisoned three years, two.

John Pinkney , Elisabeth Saunders .

Imprisoned six months, four.

Elisabeth Frith , Jacob Daniel , John Dowell , Ann Moore .


Mary Cartwright , Charles Sparks , Thomas Hodges .

Fined one shilling.

John Jenkins .

Whipped and imprisoned six months.

Elisabeth Jones .

Whipped and imprisoned one year.

Esther Lamb .

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