Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary.
21st February 1753
Reference Numbers17530221-1

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The trials being ended, the court proceeded to give judgement as follows:

Received sentence of death, 7.

John Jettea , Charles Sickamore , Mary Squires , Edward M'Manning, otherwise Howard, otherwise James Farrol, Grace Weedon , Isabella Roe, and John Higgins .

Grace Weedon and Isabella Roe pleaded their bellies, and a jury of matrons were impannell'd, and brought in their verdict, Both not with quick hl.

Transported for 14 years, 3.

Mary Clark , Mary Ridge , and Eliz. Pierce.

Transported for 7 years, 38.

Ann Nelson , Edmund Reeves , John Taylor , James Thompson , Joseph Banks , Ann Blundell , John E. vans, James Francis , Gerrard Levy, Martha Batcheldor , John Warner , John Brooke , Michael Haws , Mary Johnson, Elizabeth Harrison, James Blundell , John Miles , George Hermitage , Abraham Vineyard , Martha Smith , Jane Batcheldor , Essex William, otherwise William Essex, John Watlin , William Bartlet , Joseph Robinson , John Room , Margaret Richards , John Smith , otherwise Groves, Thomas Dennis , Silvester Eager , Sarah Summers , Joshua Anderson , Anthony Harper , George Blundull, Bridget Johnson , William Walden , William Buttersfield , and Isabella Harvey .

Branded, 2.

William Elward and Ann Prosser .

Susannah Wells to be branded, and to be imprisoned in the prison of Newgate 6 months.

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