Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary.
4th December 1730
Reference Numbers17301204-1

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The Trials being ended, the Court proceeded to give Judgment, as follows:

Receiv'd Sentence of Death 17.

John Barnet ,

William Brabent ,

Constance Buckle ,

Joshua Cornwell ,

James Hall ,

William Holland ,

William Mansel ,

John Mines , alias Minsham , alias Mitchel,

Peter Norman ,

Charles Ree , alias Ray,

Francis Saunders ,

John Smith ,

Richard Smith ,

Mary Smith ,

Robert Tyler ,

Abraham White ,

William Whitford .

N. B. Joshua Cornwell was convicted the last Sessions of opening the Door of his Master's House in the Night-time, and letting in two Persons to rob him; the Jury bringing in a special Verdict, the same was referr'd to the Twelve Judges, who adjudged his Case to be Burglary.

Transportation 47.

John Barber , alias Baker,

Joseph Bigrave ,

Magdalen Bucknel , alias Foot,

John Butcher ,

John Cheshire ,

Jane Conner ,

Martha Cook ,

Christopher Cormick ,

Mary Cuppleditch ,

William Davis ,

Honour Davis ,

John Durant ,

Alice Evans ,

Richard Feuterel ,

John Gage ,

Stephen Gay ,

Thomas Gladmore , alias John Lanham ,

Matthew Goodwin ,

Anne Harris ,

Mary Hawkins ,

John Hillary ,

Sarah Hilliard ,

Thomas Hudson ,

Christopher Husband ,

William Isaacson ,

Mary Johnson ,

Mary Kilpatrick ,

John Knight ,

Elizabeth Lambert ,

Margaret Lewis ,

Francis Lewis ,

Mary Macartney ,

Isaiah Marshal ,

Edward Mecchum ,

John Matthews ,

Arthur Moore ,

Mary Parsons ,

John Parsons ,

James Peck ,

Philip Price ,

Anne Rowe ,

Jane Taylor ,

Elizabeth Westmore , alias Osbourne,

William White ,

Thomas Wilson ,

Daniel Wood ,

John Wyat ,

Burnt in the Hand 3.

Thomas Cook ,

Robert Gibson ,

Anne Barnes , alias le Graves,

To be Whip'd 4.

Anne Anderson ,

Robert Robinson ,

Elizabeth Tugg , alias Stubbs,

Joseph Chandler ,

William Hollywell to stand on the Pillory near St. Paul's, for an Hour, to suffer 6 Months Imprisonment, and to pay a Fine of 40 l.

William Huggins , to stand on the Pillory for an Hour at the same Place, and to suffer 8 Months Imprisonment.

John Lewis and John Jones , to stand on the Pillory twice, for an Hour each time, once at the Exchange, and once in Crutchet-Friars , near the Prosecutor's Habitation, to suffer a Year's Imprisonment, and to give Security for their good Behaviour for 3 Years.

John Denston to suffer one Month's Imprisonment.

Constance Buckle , and Mary Smith , pleaded their Bellies, and a Jury of Matrons being impannelled, found them both quick with Child.

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