Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary.
5th November 1716
Reference Numbers17161105-1

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The Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Judgment as follows.

Receiv'd Sentence of Death,20.

Mary Wilson , William Stephens , S - J -, John Wilkinson , John Big , Deborah Aldridge, Elizabeth Knowles , William Hartley , William Parker , alias Gabe, alias Hawkins; Elizabeth Evans , William Chompson , alias Nodes; James Handson , alias Busler; Arhur Rogers, James Reed , alias R ; Thomas Hard , alias Davis, David Blair , Amm Thomson, John Moomy and William Dane .

Richard Brooks , alias Slater, alias Sturt ; Mary Abbot and Elizabeth Ousin , were called down to their former Sentence.

Burnt in the Hand,13.

Henry Wiseman , James Northage , B - H -, alias M -; Angustin Blinkborn , John Hatchins , Elizabeth Hart , alias catterel; Sarah Johnston , Robert Powel , David Morgan , Caleb Lockwood , Robert Munday , Bridget Birk , John Holms bailed in Court.

To be Whipt,25.

Robert Johnsan , James Wright , George Wily , Thomas Knap , James Griffith , Mary Brown , Jame Wifeman , Thomas Dyon , John Steel , John Carol , George Pool , William Ellis , Mary Barns , John Whiting , Elizabeth Raven , John Corol , Robert Whitlook Elizabeth Brown , Lewis Goldsburongh , Tho.Goldsborough , Francis Brown , Mary Stanton , Henry Sewet , John Walker , Mary Elton .

W - G - fin'd 50 l. and 1 year's imprisonment. Iassc Dalton, fin'd 20 Marks, to stand in the Pillory, and 1 year's imprisonment after the expiration of his consinement upon the last Sentence.

William Yares , fin'd 20 Marks. John Drmer , fin'd 5 Marks. Mary Flint , fin'd 20 Marks and 6 Months Imprisonment. Dirst by Longhoan, fin'd 5 Marks and 6 Months imprisonment.

Thomas Gray , fin'd 5 l. and 3 Months Imprisonment. Benjamin Fnicis , Sarah Longdale , Ann Heathess Ann Lilly , Sarah Ambrose , and Christian Vikars , to stand in the Pillory, and 6 Monts Imprisonment.

The Women pleaded their Bellies, and a Jury of Matrons being impannell'd, Elizabeth Knowls Elizabeth Evans , and Elizabeth Onwin , were found with quick Child.

The next Sessions to begin on Friday Jan,11.171617.

God Save King GEORGE.

Sir JAMES BATEMAN , Kt. and Bart. Lord-Mayor.

AN Indictment was preferred. the 2d of June 1715 , against John Bigg ; which set forth That one Joshua Odams, being intrusted by the Governor and Company of the Bank of England to sign Notes on their Behalf for Payment of Money, did on the 19th of February 1714, make a Bank-Note, whereby he promised, for the said Governor and Company, to pay to Mr. James White , or Bearer, upon Demand,100 l.

The Indictment further set forth, That on the 22d of the said Month of February, 90 l. was paid by the Bank in part of the said Note; and thereupon an Indorsement was made thereon, purporting, that Ninety Pounds were paid 22d Feb.1714.

The Indictment further set forth, That the said John Bigg feloniously ERASED the said Indorsement, contrary to the Form of the Stature made in this behalf

Another Indictment was preferr'd against the said John Bigg. and the same was for ALTERING the Indorsement on the Bank-Bill abovemention'd.

To these Indictments the Prisoner pleaded Not Guilty: And after a long and full Evidence on the Part of the Prosecutors, the Jury found specially these Facts, viz.

That Joshua Odams made such Bank-Note for Payment of such Sum of 100 l. as abovemention'd.

That on the 22d of February 1714. 90 l. was paid in part of the said Note; and that upon such Payment, cross the writing thereof, were written these words and Figures, viz.

22 Feb.1714. Paid Ninety Pounds.

Which Words and Figures the Prisoner did totally Expunge and take out.

Upon the Whole, the Jury doubted whether in Point of Law the Prisoner, by expunging the Words and Figures written upon the Face of the said Note, was guilty of Felony, or, in other Words, was guilty of Altering or Erasing an Indorsement of a Bank-Note, within the Meaning of the Statute.

The Judges, upon this Occasion, being assembled at Serjeants-Inn-Hall in Fleetstreet, were attended by Council on both Sides; where the Point of Law was solemnly argued: And after consideration thereof, the judges were of Opinion, that the Prisoner was guilty of Felony within the Meaning of the statute; and at this sessions Judgement of Death was pronounced against him accordingly.

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