Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary.
6th September 1716
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The Trials being over, the Court proceeded to give Judgement as follows:

Receiv'd Sentence of Death, 32.

John Love , Thomas Bean , George Purchase , Richard Price , William Price , John Mason , Samuel Kempton , Samuel West , Rebecca Darby , Martha Dykes , Hannah Rogers , Elizabeth Slatt , Katharine Lawson , Mary Williams , Jane Whits , Walter Shaw , John Lloyd , Robert Evans , Jacob Leatherian , Richard Griffith, Thomas Allen , Mary Harding , Elizabeth Nichalls , Frances Williams , Christopher Tedder , William Barton , William Devarall , Thomas Jackson alias Purchase, Richard Scott , Mary Thurland , John Pope , and Marry Plot .

Richard Worrel was indicted for two Capital Crimes, but being already a Convict and under Sentence, Execution was awarded against him for his former Fact.

The 12 Women pleaded their Bellies, and a Jury of Matrons being impanell'd 10 of them were found Quick with Child, but the other two (Slate and Mary Williams) not .

Burnt in the Hand, 19.

Elizabeth Dunn , Mary Theader , Elizabeth Sallman , Elizabeth Griffith , Patience Blinman , Humfrey Burton William Johnson alias Edwards, Trefina Top , William Emmery , Thomas Simpson , Joseph Marks , Mary Sutton George Robinson , Elizabeth Waltank , William Cowley , Thomas Hardwick David Perry , Edward Brown and John Rogers .

To be Whipt, 14.

John Cane , William Rumley , Henry Wiseman , Robert Jones , Chareles Patrel, Eliz Greening , William Gualter , Eliz Bates , Elizogden, Eliz Holland , Mary Sandford , Eliz. Bale , Sarah Edison , and Margarett Greenwood .

John Pottan , fin'd for his to Misdemeanors 100 l. to stand in the Pillory, to be imprison'd one Year, and to give Security for his good Behaviour for 3 Years. But this Prisoner, after Sentence having proved to the Court, that he had done considerable Service in discovering the Countrivance of Skelson and Jacobs (the two Persons) to break the Prison, he was assured it should be taken into Consideration.

John Wynn fin'd 20 Marks, and to be imprisoned 6 Months. Edward Lightfoot , fin'd 20 Marks, and to be imprison'd 6 Months. John Bowk alias Bowden, fin'd 5 Marks.

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