Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary.
24th May 1699
Reference Numbers16990524-1

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The Presentment of the Grand Jury, Sworn to Enquire for the Body of the City of London, at Justice-Hall in the Old-Bailey, London, the 24th of this Instant May, do present as followeth.

IMprimis, We Present, that by an Act of Parliament made in the Eleventh Year of King Henry VII. all Persons selling in any Unsealed Measures, the Party so offending shall Forfeit for the First Offence 6 s. 8 d. for the second Offence 13 s. 4 d. and for the third Offence to forfeit 20 s. and set upon the Pillory. And that by another Act of Parliament, made in the 16th year of King Charles I. all and every Person, selling any sort of Goods, in any Unsealed Measure, shall for every Offence Forfeit the Sum of 5 s. And that by another Act of Parliament, made in the 2d. Tear of the Reign of his present Majesty, and the late Queen Mary, every Person selling in any Unsealed Measure shall for every Offence forfeit the Sum of 50 s. which said Acts of Parliament, for want of due Encouragement, the Execution of the same have been totally neglected, which is, and may be very Prejudicial to all his Majesty's Subjects resorting and inhabiting within this City and Liberties, especially the Poor resorting to Brew-houses and other Publick Places: All which we earnestly recommend to this Honourable Court, that all imaginable care may be taken, that the Laws may be speedily Executed for redressing of the said Offences.

The Tryals being over, the Court proceeded to give Judgment as followeth, viz.

Received Sentence of Death, 5.

Benjamin Barton, Sarah Demsdale alias Dobson, Solomon Hewit, John Holmes, and William Walter.

Sarah Demsdale pleaded she was with Quick Child, and a Jury of Matrons being impanelled, found that she was not with Quick Child.

Burnt in the visible part of the Left Cheek, near the Nose, (according to the New Act of Parliament) 2.

James Jones, and Samuel Clarke.

Burnt in the Hand, 21.

Dennis Bonsellers, Philip Clarke, Elizabeth Clarke, Humphry Chapman, Francis Coleman, William Coarts, William Carpenter, Godfrey Caswell, Robert Dale, Daniel Goldsmith, Simon Gerrard, Elizabeth Gray, John Harris, John How, Mary Lyddal, John Miller, Edward Pontkin, Sarah Sheward alias Smith, Eleana Sutton, Andrew Trapps, and Benjamin Willis.

To be Whippp'd, 8.

Ezra Battee, Ann Cook, John Drury, Alice Flood, alias Moone, Richard Loe, Mary Sison, Thomas Wood, and Martha Williams.

Susan Broadhurst Fined 20 Marks, and to remain in Prison, till she pay the same, and stand 3 times in the Pillory, at the May pole in the Strand, Charing-cross, and Westminster hall.

Thomas Moore Fined 20 Nobles, and find Sureties for 12 Months.

William Buttler, Fined 100 l. and Sureties for 12 Months.

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