Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary, 18th April 1694.

Reference Number: s16940418-1
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Received Sentence of Death 5.

Richard Smith

John Lawe

James Pattison

Jane Pattison

Susannah Crittenden.

Burnt in the Hand 21.

William Towers

Edward Lock

Sarah Tanner

Mary Stephens

Elizabeth Gardner

Elizabeth Hudson

Elizabeth Towers

Margaret Wright

Margaret Rutherford

Elizabeth Smith al. Bird

Ralph Lee

Thomas Cooper

H - E -

Amy Laskey

Edith Tyteman

Elinor Johnson

Martha Evans

Elizabeth Holt

Mary Bridgwater

Katherine Ashley

Parnel Crowe a former Convict.

Order'd into Their Majesties Service Isaac Skellum.

To be Transported William Stafford

Jane Pattison, and Susannah Crettenden, pleaded their Bellies, upon which a Jury of Matrons was Empannelled, and their Verdict was, That Pattison was with Child, and the other not.

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