Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary, 21st February 1694.

Reference Number: s16940221-1
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The Sessions being over, the Court proceeded to give Judgement as followeth.

Received Sentence of Death 16.

John Salter

Richard Loriman

Robert Lewis

Jasper Murrey

William Evans

Henry Hooper

Samuel Smith

T - G - alias G

John Edwards

John Riggs, al. Ricks

Simon Betts

Richard Betts

Thomas Mitchell

Thomas Breed

To be Burnt, Frances Wroth

Margery Townley

Burnt in the Hand 2 l.

Mary Cornwall

Mary Finnace

Joan Shore

John Moore

John Carrash

Thomas Limney

Peter Jackson

Richard Ley

Henry Hawkins

Mary Warkins

Sarah Childe

Elizabeth Jones

Ann Belton

Mary Peale, al Lidel

Mary Hewitt, al. Varnant.

Thomasin Deakin

Mary Meakin

Sarah Shepley

Mary Chapman

Martha Free

Mary Person

Ordered to be Whipt 7.

Elizabeth Morris

Grace' Denby

Jane Turner

Margaret Osborne

Richard Osborne

Mary Palmer

Jane Sorrell

Edward Haynes, Benjamin Watkins, and Henry Tuller, ordered into Then Majesties Service.

Jacob Percivall Fined 20 Marks, and to stand in the Pillory at Charing-Cross, Westminster-Hall, and the Maypols in the Strand.

Frances Faling Fined 100 Marks, and to stand in the Pillory at the same time with Percivall.

Conyers to remain in Prison for a Twelvemonth, according to the Statute.

Thomas Taylor Fined 6 s. and 8 d.

Margery Townley pleaded her Belly, and a Jury of Matrons brought her in, that she was with Child.

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