Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary, 6th September 1693.

The Trials being over, the Court proceeded to give Sentence as followeth.

Burnt in the Hand, 29.

Richard Norman, Adam Martin, John Parker, Elizabeth Jackson, Susannah Tanner, Prudence Johnson, Mary Moor, Mary Salter, Hannah Roan, Elizabeth Nayler, Sarah Bayly, Ann Avery, Elizabeth Knight, Elizabeth Martyn, Ann Collet, Ann Luthe, Jane Lee, Mary Shaw, Margaret Denham, William Ogle, William Ford, William Cule, Thomas Pierce, Mary Bryan, Katharine Mason, Ann Ward, Ann Knight, Elizabeth Ward, and Esther Evanes

William Francis was respited from the Penalty of Manslaughter, and gave Bail to appear next Sessions.

Received Sentence of Death, 15.

John Williams, Joseph Barnet, Mary Jingen, Thomas Tavernor, Ann Davis, Elinor Wilkinson, John Child, Mary Child, Christian Cossey, Grace Butler, Robert Wooten alias Perkway, William Newbolt, Edward Butler, James Cary, John Jennings.

Ordered into Their Majesties Service, 3.

Thomas Clark, Thomas Browne, M - S - Fined, L - J - 500 Mark and to find good Sureties for a Year.

John Herbert and William Purchase fined 20 Mark each, the Court considering their Poverty.

G - t - was respited from being Burnt in the Hand, by vertue of a Warrant from Her Majesty.

Ann Davis, Elinor Wilkinson and Christian Cossey pleaded their Bellies, and a Jury of Women being Sworn to enquire, they were all found quick with Child.

Thomas Farr for High-Treason is to remain till farther order.

Ordered to be Whipt, 3.

Mary Smith, Mary Osborne, Elizabeth Williams.

These Persons following having been formerly convicted, were this Sessions called down to their former Judgment, and ordered to be Executed.

Susannah Lucas, Susannah Martin, Elizabeth Gardner, Sarah Sheldon, Mary Brown, all five for Clipping: Margaret Williams, Elizabeth Pepper, for Burglary: Elizabeth Harris alias Oliver, Elizabeth Morgan, for Felony; and Elizabeth Jones for a Robbery on the High way.

The Midwife, Mary Crompton , will not be tried till next Sessions, being very Sick.

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