Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary, 13th July 1693.

The Trials being over, The Court proceeded to give Sentence as followeth.

Received Sentence of Death, 20.

Charles Gale, Matthew Jones, Henry Tickler, William Smith, Thomas Hodson a former Convict, Tobias Craddock, Thomas Smith, Ralph Matthews, Ruth Harris, Isaac Turner, Charles Williams, Alice Lagley, Elinor Higgs, Susanna Williams, Ralph Smith, John Barber, William Jones, John Andrews, Elizabeth Smith, Elizabeth Davis, John Pitford was Respited before Judgment.

Burnt in the Hand, 13.

Mary Turner, Elizabeth Matthews, Ann Middleton, Margaret Allison, Mary Smith, Mary Easy, Mary Sturtivant, Mary Bowen, Alice Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Elinor Roach, Avis Hampsted.

Ordered into Their Majesties Service, 4.

Thomas Lyddal, George Clist, John Wilson, John Jackson.

To be Transported.

John Howe

Ordered to be Whipt, 5

Elizabeth White, Elizabeth Bird, Elizabeth Cooper, Elizabeth Jordan, Elizabeth Ingham.

Fined, John Ludlam 200l. and to find Sureties for a Twelve Month.

Hugh Hambleton fined 200l. and to lie in custody till he pay it.

Elizabeth Paling fined 40 Marks, and to find Sureties for her good Behaviour.

Alice Langley, Elinor Higgs, Susannah Williams, were found quick with Child. The rest were searcht, but were found to the contrary.

One Pickering a notorious Highway-man, was ordered to remain till next Sesions.

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